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  • Two layers, high quality sole - Comfortable and Waterproof
  • Innovative Production Technique for Long Lifetime
  • Great support to torsion due to its 2 layers structure
  • Environment-firendly production
  • The height of of the sole is 2,7 centimeters for more comfort
  • Perfect shock absorber


  • Comfortable wear resistant functional material
  • Technological Insole Absorbing sweat and releasing moisture in «29 Second®»
  • Extreme comfort of the foot arch
  • Limits heel friction for more comfort
  • Fulfills its role of shock absorber

Waterproof inner sock structure

  • Ankle sock waterproof technology
  • Microfiber system in heel zone for more comfort
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Long lifetime
  • Inner sock fulfills its role of foot stabilizer while walking or running
  • Greater comfort
  • High-end waterproof threads


  • Waterproof Leather - The one chosen from thousands
  • High-performance leather
  • Leather absorbs very little water
  • Shoes stay lighter in wet conditions
  • Leather maintains natural breathability as the water resistant treatment is actually tanned into the leather rather than being in the form of a surface treatment
  • Exquisite Gold Silk Checks - Highlight Dignity
  • High-end waterproof threads

PU components

  • We use a non-porous PU membrane fabric that cannot be permeated by water
  • The hydrophilic molecules attach themselves to water molecules, bring them outside and let them volatilise - the feature of function fabric
  • The size of the hole of PU fabric structure is only 1/20000 of the water drop, which means water drop cannot permeate it while the sweat can be exhausted directly


Our 2 senior designers have been for years a landmark in the Italian and Scottish footwear panorama, creating classic waterproof and comfort breatheble style collections.
In touch daily with important industrial and productive realities, they have learned over the years all the secrets of the craftsmenship and started the development of the new collections of sport and casual footwear, giving them a mark of originality and innovative style, also thanks to his passion of sports practitioner.
Takes care from several months for each new model and will take care in the coming years to provide coordinated fashion, technology and comfort to all those who want to combine fashion shoes with their every day city shoes or sport shoes, want to give strength and greater visibility to our collections combining them with the stylistic-footwear creations of our Studio.

Walking test

The heat caused by feet friction while walking stays in shoes and is damageable. The technology of microporous membrane can solve this problem by converting the heat into water and discharging it. The ordinate refers to the friction heat. The temperature can attain 31,8°C during the most intensive exercises - it can go down to 20 degree celsius using microporous membrane lining. After noumerous tests with various fabrics, we have learned that microporous membrane lining is the best for air permeability and moisture wicking in shoes.

"microporous" membrane

Most advanced technology of waterproof and breathability at present. It adopts straight-line air permeability technology. The size of the hole of PU fabric structure is only 1/20000 of the water drop, which means water drop cannot permeate it while the sweat can be exhausted directly.

All our shoes are 100% waterproof, breathable, very comfortable and have 1-year waterproof warranty.

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